How to Access Public Records for Free

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Public records contain valuable information that can be useful for various purposes, such as conducting research, building a family tree, or verifying vital records. Accessing these records can provide insights into historical events, family connections, and legal documentation. While some sources may charge fees for accessing public records, there are ways to access them for free. In this article, we will guide you through the process of accessing public records for free, providing information on various sources and methods.

Understand the Types of Public Records: Public records encompass a wide range of information, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, death records, court records, property records, and more. Depending on your specific needs, you may focus on accessing certain types of records. For example, if you are building a family tree, birth certificates, and marriage records would be of particular interest.

Determine the Record You Need

Before initiating the search, determine the specific record you are looking for. For instance, if you need a U.S. birth certificate, you can narrow down your search to birth records. Identifying the exact record type will help streamline the search process.

Start with Government Websites

Government websites are an excellent starting point for accessing public records for free. Many states and municipalities provide online portals where you can search and access various records. Visit the official website of the state or local government agency that maintains the records you are interested in. For example, in Illinois, you can visit the Illinois Department of Public Health website to find information on accessing birth certificates and other vital records.

Utilize National Archives Resources

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is a valuable resource for accessing historical and genealogical records. Their website, located at, provides information on how to access vital records, including birth certificates, from different time periods. While not all records are available online, you can find guidance on accessing them through NARA’s physical facilities or by requesting copies.

Contact the Vital Records Office

For more recent birth certificates or vital records, contacting the relevant state or local vital records office is often necessary. They can provide information on how to get a birth certificate copy and any applicable fees. Search online for the official website or contact information of the Vital Records Office in the state where the birth certificate was issued. They will guide you through the process of obtaining a certified birth certificate copy.

Explore Genealogy Websites

Genealogy websites can be a valuable resource for accessing public records and building a family tree. Websites such as and provide access to a vast collection of records, including birth certificates, marriage records, and census data. While these platforms may offer subscription-based services, they often provide free access to certain public records and offer trial periods that allow you to explore their resources.

Visit Local Libraries and Archives

Local libraries and archives can be treasure troves of public records, particularly historical documents. Many libraries have dedicated genealogy sections or special collections that house public records. Visit your local library or contact them to inquire about their resources. Librarians can assist you in accessing public records and provide guidance on navigating the available sources.

Consider Online Search Engines

Search engines like Google can sometimes provide access to public records, especially if they have been digitized and made available online. Try searching for specific keywords related to the record you are looking for, along with the location or relevant details. For example, searching for “free birth certificates Illinois” may lead you to online resources or government websites where you can access birth certificates for free.

Accessing public records for free requires utilizing various sources and methods. Start with government websites and the National Archives, where you can often find free access to historical records. Contact the relevant Vital Records Office for more recent birth certificates and other vital records. Explore genealogy websites that offer free access to certain records or trial periods. Visit local libraries and archives for physical records and resources. Finally, use online search engines to discover additional sources and online platforms that may provide access to public records. By utilizing these methods, you can access public records for free and gather the information you need for your research or personal purposes.

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