Why Birth Certificates are Not Bonds

Woman asking why birth certificates are not bonds

You may have heard the conspiracy theory that a birth certificate is actually a government bond. We’re going to explain why this theory is completely false and why birth certificate bonds are not real.

Conspiracy theorists have begun claiming that United States birth certificates are tools with amazing powers. Numerous wild and unfounded claims have been made that you can use your birth certificate to do things like charge purchases to a “Exemption Account” or request saving bonds that the government owes you and is trying to hide from you.

All of these claims are simply not true, and you cannot use your birth certificate to pay bills, buy things, or access hidden money. The government isn’t hiding secret saving bonds from you, and you can’t use your birth certificate to get any. An ‘exemption account’ is a fabrication and has never existed in the history of the treasury system. The idea that a birth certificate is a bond is just a myth made up to try to con citizens.

However, Americans should still keep a certified copy of their birth certificate on hand, since it is usually necessary to apply for a U.S. passport or driver’s license, enroll in school, and even get married.

Where did the birth certificate bond theory come from?

Depending on who you ask, most believers in the conspiracy give this made-up explanation for the theory:

  1. The U.S. went off the gold standard in 1933
  2. The federal government went bankrupt
  3. The Federal Reserve Bank turned the government into a corporation
  4. This turned American citizens into corporate assets
  5. Which allowed the “government corporation” to trade citizens’ birth certificates on the open market
  6. Now the government controls citizens’ value

The scam claims that all citizens have “alleged assets” that they can claim by filing a UCC-1 Financial Statement, activating a Treasury Direct Account (TDA), or creating bonds with a Savings Bond Calculator. According to them, you can eliminate your debt using your birth certificate bond or collect securities that you are entitled to.

The birth certificate bond theory began as a part of the Sovereign Citizen Movement. Believers in this conspiracy collection essentially claim that the federal government is a farce and that they did not consent to become “federal citizens.” They do not believe that federal laws apply to them, and they attempt circumvent these laws using various legal claims and documents. However, despite their claims, none have so far been successful arguing their case in a court of law. But, there are still numerous online resources that offer to teach people how to claim their “sovereign citizenship”, for a significant fee, of course.

So, you should steer clear of any online entities that advertise webinars, education kits, or coaching sessions teaching you how to claim made-up benefits that you can supposedly access using your birth certificate. Their claims are completely false and no U.S. citizen has ever used any of these “tricks” to get any money from the government.

Flaws in the birth certificate bonds theory

Your birth certificate does not have any monetary value, and neither does your SSN. Treasury Direct accounts do exist, but they don’t have money in them unless the owner puts it in themselves.

A Savings Bond Calculator is simply a tool that you can use to check the value of any bonds that you do actually have in your possession. The calculator does not check the authenticity of a bond or confirm who owns it. All it can do is verify whether the denomination and issue date are compatible with one another.

In addition, falsely claiming the right to securities is highly illegal, according to federal law. By attempting any of these conspiracy theorist suggested tricks, you are committing felony fraud. The Justice Department can and will prosecute you if you are caught. Keep that in mind when you come across blogs or videos with scammers trying to convince you otherwise.

A birth certificate is an important document to have, but it can not give you access to any secret money.Order your Birth Certificate

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