How much does a birth certificate copy cost?

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Birth certificates are essential documents. They are often required when applying for identification, such as a passport, and should be protected carefully especially if lost, stolen or misplaced. Birth certificates are most commonly initiated at the hospital following a birth, where the parents fill out the information, such as the baby’s legal name. This provides proof of citizenship and is the first form of identification and legal recognition a child is given.

If you need to get a new copy of your birth certificate, you’ll have to pay the state processing fee. Currently, no U.S. state offers free birth certificate copies.

Application fees and processing times both vary significantly by state. Depending on your state, you may pay anywhere from $7 to $34 for a certified birth certificate copy. Processing times can range from a few days to several weeks. Some states also offer rush service, which is more expensive, but it will allow you to get your birth certificate copy in just a few business days.

However, when you use our online application process, we will always charge a flat $47 fee for our filing assistance service, no matter what state you’re filing with.

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