California Birth Index

The California Birth Index (CABI) is a database maintained by the California Office of Health Information and Research. The database contains the birth records of all births registered in the state between 1905 and 1995. The CABI contains the information available on the short-form version of the California birth certificate, including each person on record:

  • Full at name birth
  • Date of birth
  • County of birth
  • Gender at birth
  • Mother’s maiden name

You can view the CABI database online at or All you need is the full name and gender of an individual to find them in the CABI.

If you need more information about an individual than the CABI provides, you may be able to order a birth certificate replacement. A long-form birth certificate or certified copy of their birth certificate will have the most details, but you may not be able to access one if you are not an immediate family member.

Adopted Individuals in the CABI

Adopted individuals listed in the CABI may appear under:

  • Their birth name
  • Their adopted name
  • Both

They may also be omitted from the CABI if their birth records were altered to hide or change their state of birth.

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CABI 3 Theft Concerns

Some people have expressed concern that the CABI poses an increased risk of identity theft. However, this is not the case, as the CABI offers the same information that is included on a short-form birth certificate.

A person’s short-form birth certificate also called an informational or abstract birth certificate, is available to anyone. They clearly state that they are not valid for official purposes, but they are frequently used for genealogical research.

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