An expatriate or “expat” is a citizen of one nation that is living or working abroad in a different nation. While this definition can also apply to migrants, expatriates are a little different, as they usually only relocate temporarily or take up a job opportunity abroad.

Expats may also move to a different country to:

  • Marry a citizen of that country
  • Learn a language in its native environment
  • Simply experience a different cultures and location

If you are planning to move to another country, you’ll need copies of your vital records to register as a resident, including your passport and birth certificate.

If your birth certificate has been lost or destroyed, you can order a new certified copy of your birth certificate online, which will be valid for use to prove your identity and citizenship.

Keep in mind that you will also still need to submit a tax return to the IRS, even if you are not paying U.S. taxes on your foreign-earned income.

According to the IRS, you can qualify for a foreign earned income exclusion if you spend 330 days outside the United States within a 12 month period. If you qualify, you can typically protect $107,000 of your foreign earnings from U.S. taxation.

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